She’s Alive! She’s Well!

Hot Dang you guys. I am very, very sorry for my absence since March.

Truthfully, I have been very much stuck in my own head.  Experiencing a lot of new things, new people, things I am typically uncomfortable with.  It’s good for me, technically, it’s just hard. Sometimes I need an “absolute zero” moment for myself to recoup, which has been hard to get.

Let’s get to some stats, shall we? February marked my anniversary of taking over my health and starting this bad-boy-here blog! YAY. I had WANTED to get to 100lbs down by that time but it did not happen. In fact, I was very much stuck in a plateau from February until just a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if it was a mental thing because getting under 172lbs meant something SO much for me, but alas, plateaus happen – they also PASS!

PS – I decided to go monthly on my weigh-ins at this point. Weekly is too much mental turmoil for me, and being a lady and all, there’s a good half of the month where fluctuation is too much. This much I confirmed with MyFitnessPal weight tracker.

Starting Weight 2/2014: 261.2lbs
Weight 3/10/15: 173.1lbs
Weight 5/5/15: 169.5lbs
+/-:  -3.6lbs
Total Shed: -91.7lbs

So! It took me a few months to drop almost 4lbs. It’s getting tougher for sure. I have to remember not to beat me up. HOWEVER – this DOES MEAN…

I AM NO LONGER MEDICALLY OBESE! YAY! Now I’m just regular “overweight” – an odd thing to strive for, ha.  I am much closer to the range I’d like to be in, but I feel pretty good and am looking for ways to feel better and feel more motivated.

Here are some progress pictures from Cinco de Mayo (oh yeah, I chopped off all my hair too):

Front That’s a MEDIUM SHIRT.


So, that’s pretty awesome, right?! I am continuously blown away by my own progress photos, although I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that “fat girl syndrome” still creeps into my head a LOT. I have a hard time not seeing myself as the heavier version of myself – at least until I take new progress photos. 🙂

It’s been hard to keep up with exercise these days, not that I don’t get enough of it on walks with my son and chasing him everywhere but I really need to start carving out time for myself again. It’s a Zen thing. I crave it. I’ve been VERY busy, so I just need to create a schedule for myself.

I can follow a schedule, right? Maybe?

My Jamberry Nails gig has been going well – really slow and rough to start but definitely found my groove, am confident in my product knowledge as well as the product itself and even had my first event as a vendor over the weekend!  It’s definitely been a crash course in business that I probably should have taken in college. At least this way I earn real money & I won’t fire me!  Has definitely helped clear the financial fiascos that were happening over the holidays.

Luckily SoCal weather should be cool this week… so I should be able to hop on here and actually catch-up with you beautiful people. You are always in my thoughts even when I am not around. I hope you are all healthy and well.. and if you aren’t… you can be.