Father’s Day Latepost – Food edition

My husband is a foodie, so my lifestyle change has been a bit rough on him. He misses all the delicious fried stuff, Carl’s Jr. burgers, baked goods – specifically donuts and his love, pizza. I have never been a big fan of that stuff myself, so it hasn’t been as hard for me to reduce how much of it I eat.

Though he doesn’t miss the 20+ pounds he has lost by association and being a trooper, I could not let Father’s Day pass without something delicious and mostly healthy!

Breakfast: Homemade whole wheat waffles with berries, cool whip and maple syrup.

King Arthur Whole Wheat Waffles

These came out SO good. I was skeptical, probably because I had never made homemade waffles before, haha. I already had King Arthur Whole wheat flour, though that’s not why I chose this recipe. It just seemed simple and all the reviews/comments were super positive. I made the recipe as intended (used butter not vegetable oil) and they came out great. Almost even better the next day toasted again. My husband loved them and my 18 month old son even ate some! Plus, the nutrition information was at the end there so it was easy to enter it into MyFitnessPal for tracking. Guilty free waffles? Yes & yum.

Lunch: Lunch was no big deal, as far as recipes go. He wanted a burger, so a burger (and chips, baked BBQ lays, I did not partake. I don’t like chips and when I do, I like Salt and Vinegar!). I used Orowheat Onion buns, which are crazy delicious and not terrible for you, depending on your personal carb intake. They had to be ready for the World Cup game at 2:30 that day. But lets be real, he has pretty much had the World Cup on, even in Spanish, everyday.

Dinner: By dinner, hubs was feeling woozy. But that was because of the pre-Fathers Day celebratory cheese cake bites I had gotten him the night before. He ate them all. Well, I had two. But ya know.

I live in California and have access to artichokes almost always. I had a childhood friend introduce me to artichokes and all I could remember was the dipping sauces. Awhile back I wanted to find a way to make a killer artichoke without needing to dip it.

How to Make (and Eat) a Perfect Steamed Artichoke

This is your jam. Metaphorically. No dipping needed, perfect. This is the second time I tried this approach and hubs and I were both in artichoke heaven. My only gripe is I had only bought one artichoke because I usually can’t finish a whole one. So I had to step down when it came to the heart. I added fresh lime juice to this as well as the lemon juice… Dude.

Just dude. Try this out. It will make you a super fan. This is not all we had for dinner but I feel this has gone on long enough.

Dessert: As mentioned previously, husband likes baked goods. I couldn’t let him go without a fresh, hot dessert to cap off Father’s Day weekend. I also couldn’t completely let us go balls out because we are doing so well. So, I decided to make a recipe I had found on WebMD awhile back, had tried and liked:

Apple Cranberry Crisp

It is not the official name, it’s the name I gave it. I found this recipe doing a random search about cranberries a few months ago. Apple’s, cranberries, yummy crispy crust stuff. YUM. I used the King Arthur whole wheat flour for the crust in this. The recipe doesn’t specify white or whatever flour, so I still used the nutritional information on their page for MyFitnessPal – if anything we had a little leeway.

We topped that with cool whip and had a small side of Dreyers Vanilla Chocolate Swirl Yogurt Blends. 🙂

A successful food Father’s Day indeed. It’s been fun and mostly successful turning holiday favorites into something healthy everyone can enjoy without the guilt at the end of the day or a brick in the stomach!