RIP Maxwell Kitty-Pants

1007111846I’m not sure how many of you are actively following me at this point since I’ve been a little touch-and-go about posting the last few months, but some of you know I was worried a month or so back that my cat, Maxwell, was not doing so well.

Yesterday morning, my sweet Maxwell finally passed away just before he turned 10 years-old. My heart is heavy and my eyes have been swollen for days. We were with him 24-7 the last few days of his life to provide comfort and love and his orange brothers laid on either side of him as it happened. One even stood guard over his body until we were able to get him to the vets office to start the cremation process (& yes, I’m definitely getting his ashes back).

He was one of my best friends. He never disappointed me, he was loyal and a true cats-cat. He was my sons first best friend (and a stellar example of what a real friend is like) and he was with me through some of the most tumultuous and awesome times in my life. He was my dude, my kitty-dude & always dressed to impress as he was always ready for an interview or black-tie affair. 😉

The picture in this post is from September of 2011. It was a particularly liberating day and for me that day  and I LOVE that Max is giving me kisses in it. I will always remember him as the parrot-kitten on my shoulder, getting his claws stuck on EVERYTHING and the guy always trying to steal my food and squeaking instead of meowing – not as the frail guy he was at the end. I even told him, “these last weak moments do not define your entire life, we just have to get through this part to get to the next adventure”. I assured him he would see his former fallen friends (like his bff, my old dog, Sophie) where he was headed. He was very calm toward the end and I am thankful for that.

I feel a little weird proclaiming my love so hard for my feline friend but we shared a decade together, the most important of my life so far. I miss him so much my body physically aches from head to toe. My other kitties, his two brothers, are still sulking today and that’s hard to see too. Not to mention my son is used to hugging and cuddling Max everyday (as he was the only of the 3 who would let him) so, seeing my boy look for his cat kinda sucks even though we tried our best to be honest and explain as well and simple we could to a two year-old.

I can’t write anymore about Max or I will lose my shit and I’ve been OK today as far as crying goes.

I did still weigh-in this week, no change from last week. Was chillin’ at 182.1lbs on 1/20 – we will see what Tuesday brings after such a hard week and hard loss.

I love you, Maxwell Silverhammer. Please come visit me in my dreams.

Chin up, move forward!